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PostSubject: Dwarfs   Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:16 am

Dwarves are of the race of earth and are possessed of strong physical strength and a curious nature with a fondness for creating new items. After the destruction of the giants, the Dwarven race always tried to side with the most powerful race in the land. However, as a result they became an isolated race - disliked by all other races for their profiteering nature. Their society structure can be compared to a large corporation and they are still renowned for their business savvy and capacity for organization. Dwarves are largely divided into Raiders who find and retrieve raw materials and Artisans who manufacture products out of raw materials.

Special Abilities of the Race: Their inventory size is larger than that of other races and compared to other races, their weight penalty is lower.

Basic Characteristics: Overall, Dwarves do not have any distinguishing features other than superior physical strength.

Dwarves do not have any magic abilities, that is why their starting class is limited to the Dwarven Fighter, though they are the only race with a crafter class like the Artisan and Warsmith making them a special exception.

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